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What We Do:

Transcribe your original music from audio recording into professional, ready to publish manuscript with 100%, money back guarantee of unmatched quality and accuracy. 

All types of music manuscript, including:  Vocal & Piano, Vocal & Guitar, Piano, Guitar in Manuscript and Tab,  Choral Arrangements, String Arrangements,
Small and Large Band/Orchestra Arrangements. 

Click into these samples to see Notation Services transcribed manuscripts and to hear the original music used to create these scores.
(Please note that these are not full scores of these copyrighted songs.)
From the Musical - All That Drama:
Bruce McKagan and Kimberly P. Johnson
From the Album, No Medicine Like The Blues: 
Tom Clawson and Buck 69
Lead Sheet and Studio Demo:
Mark Bauman
Great Single with "Hit" Potential:
Grahame Menage
Beautiful Piano, Lyrics and Melody:
Brianna and Austin Haynes
A Fast Paced, Intricate Work:
Jessica Curtis
This Is Your Time
No Medicine Like The Blues
Too Tough To Tame
Shot In The Dark
Through The Eyes Of My Father
I've Seen Darker Days
(Part 1)

Please call me to get the rates for more complex works and projects.

...    It's So Easy   ...
Send me an MP3, WAV or other electronic version of your music via email attachment.  (A CD or Tape, of your recording, mailed is great as well.)

I will need the following information: 
(These will appear in the manuscript.)

    1.  Title of Work 
    2.  Composer(s) (Let me know who wrote the music and the lyrics.)
    3.  Copyright Date
   4.  Publisher Information (if applicable)

Your Professional Lead Sheet will arrive in about 1 week.
Email or call 503-908-0951 if you have any questions.
We transcribed the entire score for the wonderful new musical
All That Drama
by Bruce McKagan and Kimberly P. Johnson. Thank you Bruce for the nice email you sent us:

"Writing the musical ALL THAT DRAMA has been a dream fulfilled.  Crafting over 30 songs along with a libretto, director's guide, story lines and 6 months of recording sessions (with hall of fame musician and producer, Joe Carter) was all a breeze.  The only element of the musical that had me anxious was the notation of all of the music.  Notating music is not my forte!  I needed help from someone I could trust and who would embrace my dream.

My research took me to Notation Services and Terry Campbell.  Terry exceeded every expectation, including quality of work, deadlines and costs.  He also served as a creative and business consultant, giving helpful advise and feedback throughout the entire project. I wholeheartedly recommend Terry Campbell and Notation Services to any and all associated with the music industry or education community."

Bruce McKagan
president, Heather Productions

Most songs, of average length and complexity, will be transcribed for the basic fee of $75. 
For example; this would include a transcribed melody line, and piano accompaniment, or guitar chords.
Pieces that are longer than the average song or are complex will cost more.  Please call me, or email regarding more complex projects. 

Payments can be made through PayPal or checks can be made out to Terry Campbell and mailed to the address above.

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